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Now that the election is over we’d like to hear from you…..

Mayor, ElectedApril Jeffs

Alderman, ElectedBetty Konc,  David Wyatt, Richard Dykstra, Ted Hessels

This category has been set up for candidates and voters to post their comments on election issues.


Just checking in

The summer thus far has flown by with so many events and dates to go to and keep up with.

As some of you may know our new Official Plan is now on the township website, you can download it and read it and hopefully make comments on it before it goes to council to be adopted.  Through the comments they have already received they have amended the draft which is encourageing.  Last Thur evening was the Public Meeting for the OP which allowed anyone who wanted to address their concerns with regards the OP to council. As you can imagine I had a fair number of places in the OP that concern me but the expansion of the Burnaby Hamlet is one of the important things that I addressed.  I see no sane reason for this expansion as it is doubling if not tripling the size of the hamlet, for what purpose, I can only take a guess.  So if you feel the way I do that the Burnaby Hamlet needs to left alone let the planner know.

We also have the insidious windturbine issue that is going to start haunting Wainfleet.  The residents in the Burnaby area received letters last week telling them that the proposal by IPC is to put a windturbine on the west side of Burnaby road just north of the airport.  I do not have a letter in my hand but this is what I understand the letter to say from a discussion with a resident that did get one.  There is an open house on Aug 24th from 3-7pm I believe put on by this group that is wanting to put a turbine or two in Wainfleet, it will be at the Firehall in the village.  So if you have an opinion one way or the other with regards this horrible idea let them know.

Our Wainfleet Ratepayers Association, Annual General Meeting is going to be held at the Brethren in Christ Church at 10641 Hwy #3 on Aug 24th from 10 to noon.  Everyone is welcome, come and chat with us amd find out what we have been doing for the past year. You do not need to be a member to come out to the meeting.

I enjoyed seeing so many folks out to our first Fleeter Fest in July.  Thanks to all of you that took the time to join us.  If was a little iffy around 5 o’clock when the rain finally started to taper off but by 8 pm you would never know it had been raining.  A good time was had by all and that was the whole point. 

Still looking for signed petitions so if you haven’t signed one and want to let me know and I will get one to you.

That is all for now.

Betty Konc


Upcoming dates to keep in mind

As usual the summer is full of dates for things that we should be attending that have nothing to do with fun and everything to do with potentially raising your blood pressure.

The draft Official Plan is ready to be reviewed.  There is a public meeting on Aug. 5th at 7pm at the township hall for anyone who has comments or quetions regarding the OP.  You can also go and discuss what you may not understand with the consultant on July 22 from 1-6 pm at the township hall and then at 7 pm the council will be doing their own debating of the OP.  The OP will be adopted by council at their meeting Aug. 24th.  Keep these dates in mind if you have been following the process or have now become aware that this document is that most of our bylaws and policies hinge on.

The one date that is strictly for fun is July 24th.  The Ratepayers are sponsoring a Fleeter Fest which we hope will be well attended and is purely for the fun of it all.  Games, music, food and friends what better combination. Hope to see you all at the Long Beach Country Club, doors open at 5pm.

The AGM for the Ratepayers is Aug. 21 at the Brethren in Christ Church at 10641 Hwy #3,at 10 am.  Everyone is welcome to attend even if you are not a member.

Don’t forget to visit the township website to keep tabs on who is running for council.  At this point we have 4 candidates for alderman, 2 vying for the mayor’s chair and one candidate for school board.  The date to vote is Oct. 24th mark that on your calendars with a big red circle.

Our wter report has stirred a little interest in the community.  It clearly shows that there is other than human contamination happening along the lakeshore, but we all knew that right? I can answer any questions that anyone may have with regards this report and it will be available at our AGM.

Betty Konc


The water test results that the Wainfleet Ratepayes had taken last summer, and its report were the topic of a meeting that was held at the regional offices on Wed. June 23rd.  They askd if we would share our findings with them.  We thought that it might be a round table discussion of what we found.   We tested water from the lake to see if there is indeed human e-coli present.  We tested the waters in several spots all along the lakeshore as well as in Nickel Beach in PC.  All of the test samples showed either animal or avian e-coli, the only places we tested that showed human e-coli were off of Morgan’s Point and the human e-coli was third behind both the animal and avian.  We did wind up doing a short presentation as that was what appeared to be expected of us after we agreed to the invitation.  Usually after a presentation there is a Q & A period.  There was maybe 4 questions asked and one of them was to quiz the company representative about his qualifications. 

The whole meeting was derailed into questions about beach closures and why there seem to be so many birds creating the poor quality water to the point of beaches being posted. 

Am I crazy here folks?  How did our water test results get so badly off track?  The consultant we hired very strongly recommended that something be done about Morgan’s Point, now, not is a few years time, yet they entirely missed this point and focused on beach closures.    Is it that these councillors and staff just don’t care what we come up with or they are wearing blinders and ear protectors? 

Am I surprised by this behaviour? No not really they have been ignoring us for almost 6 years now.  Is it going to make me stop fighting for what is right?  No it isn’t, this just makes me want to prove even more that we are right and they are wrong.


On another issue please be aware that the New Official Plan is going to be presented to council July 22, in a special council meeting( open to all) and it will then be presented in an Public meeting forum on Aug. 5 and more than likely adopted at the regular council meetig for Aug. on Aug 24th.  All these meetings are open to the public, you get to have your say on weather you agree with what is being proposed or not so please take advantage of this and voice your opinion.

The Ratepayers will be sponsoring a “FLEETER FEST” on July24th down at the LongBeach Country Club on Lakeshore ( used to be Erie Breezes). For more info. contact me at my usual e-mail address, watch for the signs and posters coming to a corner near you soon.


Update from Betty

There is so much going on in the township right now it is hard to keep up with it all.  The township is dealing with changing addresses that are alpha numeric because these addresses do not compute in the PERS system of emergency response.  I believe this is a good thing folks, the last thing we want to hear is someone dying from not being able to be found by an ambulance driver.  If you have one of these addresses you also will no longer have to fight with service providers about your weird address.

Next we have the new option for seasonal Canadian residents to be able to vote by mail.  This is going to be a “Special Ballot” which the township will make available to those who are from out of town and those who may be house bound or in hospital, you just have to apply for it.  I believe that the township will be sending out more information closer to voting day on how to take advantage of this way to vote.

The Official Plan update is moving forward at a brisk pace.  The township held an open house yesterday for folks to come and see and hear what the consultants are recommending ( document is on the township website) and then a draft with the recommendations will be presented sometime next month.  The residents will have 30 days to review this document, another open house will be held for comments, and then it will be put into a final document and presented to council for consideration in Aug.  It is a fairly big document which takes some time to get through but one worth reading if you are at all interested in what is going to possibly be in our “new” Official Plan.

A petition was presented at Tuesday nights council meeting against the “big pipe”.  The Ratepayers have collected 796 signatures which I think surprised our council.  It has been a long hard job to get those signatures simply due to the fact that until recently we did not have addresses of those residents in the servicing area from the township, we had to rely on good old door to door contact to get the information that we had to that point.  We will continue to collect signatures during the summer so if you haven’t signed contact me and I will get you a form.  The call from Bruce Miner the presenter on behalf of the Ratepayers was for the township to come up with a made in Wainfleet solution, this course was ignored.  The reasoning was that they do not know what the actual cost of the pipe will be to be able to determine if it is unaffordable.  You tell me folks was it affordable at the $42 million dollar mark 5 years ago?  What makes them think that this project is going to go any way but further up beyond the last figure of $83 million dollars?  If it wasn’t affordable at $42 million it isn’t affordable at $83 million. Can someone tell me where I have gone wrong in my thinking ?

The upcoming fall elections are starting to get closer as the weather warms up.  I know it is early days yet but there is a very limited number of us who have stepped up to the plate to be counted.  I urge you all to ask questions of anyone who  officially becomes a candidate and be sure that you know what their platform is before you cast that vote but cast the vote don’t let this opportunity get by you to have a voice in your local government.  

As always let me know what you are thinking I have no problem listening to ideas or concerns.

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Welcome Betty!

I would like to welcome Betty Konc as a Post Author on the Wainfleet Blog. As most of you know, Betty has been active in almost every issue concerning development here in Wainfleet and has recently announced that she will be running for council this fall.

Because she is so involved and connected with the issues affecting us here, I thought is would be a good idea if she where able to post her concerns and ideas directly….and she has gratiously accepted to do this.

Thanks Betty!

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Burnaby Boundries

I am just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the recommendation by the consultants doing the upgrade of our Official Plan to expand the boundaries of the Burnaby Hamlet?  It has been recommended that the hamlet boudaries be extended to Golf Course road and well south of the lakeshore road.  In essence almost doubling the size of the hamlet.  Does this guy from Toronto ( wild guess) really think that there will be that many folks wanting to move to Wainfleet between now and 2031 and that they will want to be buying in the Burnaby area.  How long has this hamlet been in existance that it can’t possibly handle any influx of folks in the boundaries that it already has?  If we don’t object to this idea it will get put into the updated OP and then we will be stuck with it. 


Please attend the open house at the township hall on May 26th from 2-5 and 7-9 to tell these guys to leave things alone regarding the hamlet sizes.  What is the point?  Again we are in Wainfleet, which is a great place to live. 


More folks need to get engaged in the process and let the council know what you all think.

Betty Konc

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What kind of fertilizer is safe?

As of this year the Ontario government has banned the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on residential properties…..probably a good thing. There are a number of exceptions of course but the move should reduce the level of chemicals we put into our environment and that we come in contact with everyday. However, what kinds of fertilzers ARE safe. The “new” alternative for residents who want to reduce weeds on their lawn is corn gluten. It’s available at most lawn and garden stores and I think it usually carries the 9.0.0 specification.

What about the agricultural sector…is there any change there?

I know that one field at Sideroad 30 and Lakeshore was recently sprayed with what looked like the “normal” chemical fertilizer….so I guess that hasn’t changed.  Also I understand that the field at the corner of 30 sideroad and Concession 1 was recently treated with a ”bio waste” fertilizer. I don’t know much about this yet but am going to find out.  It may be a good thing that this is not chemical based but I wonder if this alternative is not contributing to the supposed water contamination problem in the lake.

And then there is still the old manure spreading technique….recognizable by the odour. 

So the balance here is that I think we all would like to reduce our exposure to chemicals but at the same time we don’t want to contribute to the bacterial contamination of the lake.

As always if you have something to contribute please do.

That’s all for now….I have to  go pull  some dandelions.

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No Parking Signs

Here are some photos sent in by Helen in response to my post on the No Parking signs…thanks again Helen.

As Helen pointed out in her comments, the bylaw was always there but was not enforced and as a result was unsafe for residents and pedestrians. You can clearly see that there is not a lot of room left when vehicles are parked on the side of the road.

Here are a few of the  photos that were sent in:

 Picture 121Picture 113Picture 116Picture 114

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Revised Pipe cost Estimate

I’ve posted a revised (again) version of the pipe costs here. Changes, marked in red, have been made to two areas thanks to some information that was sent in by Helen H ….(Thanks Helen!). I have also changed the file to a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that you can copy and change. This was done so that you could make changes for yourself ….in case you don’t agree with my estimates of  if you just want to use it to get a closer estimate of what it will cost you for your property specifically.

The changes are:

1. The number of benefiting properties has been reduced from 1475 to 1275…obviously the resulting cost per property goes up.

2. The water bill cost has been more accurately displayed as about $1,500 instead of $1,000.

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